It’s A Bit Too Early To Crown San Francisco, ESPN

Dont Crown San Francisco Yet, ESPN

Mike Mitchell “Kaepernicking”

“The 49ers are the best team in football, and if they continue to play the way they did Sunday, they will win Super Bowl XLVIII next month.”-Kevin Seifert, ESPN

Before this gets started, this post is more or less to get a little steam off. There will be a better post later this week to dive into the match up.

It has been plenty difficult to tune into ESPN the last couple days, especially if you are a fan of any team not residing in San Francisco. I don’t know what it was about that underwhelming victory over Green Bay, but it sure did get the “experts” at ESPN on their side. Oh, and it didn’t stop with their television analysts. Their bloggers were all over it, too. Kevin Seifert (@SeifertESPN), reporter for the NFC North, went so far as to say that this win over the Packers proved that the 49ers are “…the best team in football…”

I have heard a lot of folks make similar points, which leads me to believe that I was watching the wrong game. Now, please do not get me wrong. I have full respect for their defense. They consistently get after the quarterback and make running the football very difficult. It’s their offense that leaves a lot to be desired for in my opinion. They went out and scored 23 points on 381 yards on a defense that gives up 26.8 points on 372.2 yards per game. Underwhelming if you ask me. Some of this could be the result of harsh weather conditions, but I counter that with the fact that Green Bay’s already sub-par defense was shredded by injuries. It also doesn’t help my view of them that they were incredibly fortunate that the Green Bay defensive back completely brick-handed a ‘gimme’ interception on the 49ers’ game-winning drive. So, “best team in football?” Good team, yeah, but not the best, in my opinion.

Sure, they will have a couple pieces back on offense that weren’t there the first time around, when the Panthers beat San Francisco by the score of 10-9 on the road. Michael Crabtree is a good receiver, coming off a solid game in Green Bay and could prove to be a factor in Sunday’s game. Also, Vernon Davis missed half of the previous game after leaving with a concussion. I think he will make the bigger difference, as athletic tight ends have given the Panthers fits over the years.

Even with these guys coming back, things will have to change for San Francisco if they want to beat us this time around. Kaepernick was given all day to throw against the Packers, and he used every bit of that time to wait for his receivers to get open. He won’t have that opportunity against the Panthers, and their tireless pass rush. Last time around, we were able to sack Kaepernick six times, the most of his entire career. If we are able to get after him again, and force a couple turnovers, the Panthers should be able to care of business. Again, there will be a better comparison between these two teams coming soon, but until then, Go Panthers, Keep Pounding!

14 thoughts on “It’s A Bit Too Early To Crown San Francisco, ESPN

  1. bkrutiy

    OK. So I am a 49ers Fan, one the most Faithful. I do not agree that your Panthers will win on Sunday but do agree that ESPN’s declaration that the Niners were the best team in football was shortsighted and premature, considering you had the Broncos and Seattle ranked above them. I agree that game was horrible for Kaepernick but it will be different this time, you said it yourself. He will have Crabtree and Vernon and hopefully his Offensive line will play better, they were not at 100%. Mike Iupati was hurt and he is one of the best on our stacked line! He will be back as well which should give Kaepernick a bit more time. Last, when it was time to do something, like throw, no one was open, when he had to run, he was hestitating. He was told so much to protect himself that it took him out of his game. I have been watching him closely during their 6-game winning streak. He has played better. Less sacks and turnovers. Your Panthers have a great defense but have nothing to boast about on offense either. Cam is not better than Kaepernick (but not worse). His RBs are not better and neither is the WR core, especially with Smith playing basically on one leg. One good hit by Donte (w)Hitner and he will be out for the game.
    Last comment, please remember that the Panthers really only won that game 10-9 in Candlestick because of one play. It was a beautifully thrown seam route thrown to rookie TE Vance MacDonald who dropped it. That would have put us in FG range to take the lead late in the game, if not a TD if it was the speedy Vernon Davis. THAT…was the difference! The rest is really blah, blah, blah…Crunch time plays is what count, We made them, Packers did not last Week. This weekend, Niners over Panthers 20-16 in a tough battle

    1. Mike Bogaert Post author

      Hey man. First off, thanks for reading, and even more so, thank you for taking the time to share your opinion. I’m on my phone right now, but I’ll reply when I get home to a computer and talk it out with you.

      1. bkrutiy

        yeah, feel free to check out my blog too, I enjoy discussing sports, specifically football/Fantasy Football.

        I just started not to long ago so I do not have a lot of followers and even less that add comments or engage in discussions.

      2. Mike Bogaert Post author

        For sure, I’m always into checking out new sports blogs. My blog just turned 2 months old, and mine just now started getting a decent number of views. Just stay at it and the views will come.

  2. Some random man

    @bkruity the panthers really only won that game because of one play? perhaps you ought to recall the blocked punt that hit off one of our players legs and the vernon davis fumble (which both resulted in san fran field goals)…

    1. bkrutiy

      I don’t recall the blocked punt but will take your word for it. As for Davis fumble, recall that it was not a fumble. It was incomplete and was also the play that caused his concussion because of the way he went to the ground….wasn’t even a hard hit by defender, freak situation.

      1. Justin

        It was a really bad call on that fumble. It was a clear completion and fumble to everybody except 49er fans and the refs. He caught it, had control, took 2-3 steps and “made a football move”. Anyway, this will be an interesting week but I think the “experts” are getting ahead of themselves a bit. The 49ers beat a mediocre Packers team on the road. It might not be easy to do, but it wasn’t exactly impressive either. I think this will be another tight game that will come down to the QBs in the final 5 minutes of the game. We will see what happens.

      2. bkrutiy

        agreed. I am confident our defense will keep the game close but Kaepernick and the offense will need to make some plays and that starts with the Offensive line giving him more time… He just had no time in the last meeting and that was not on him, the O-Line MUST hold the rush or we are in for a very long day!

  3. calipantherfan

    vernon took 3 steps and fumbled… ruled incomplete.. punt was blocked too, i think panthers will swarm the 49ers again and force kap to throw into coverage, niners lbs are good, but they are not sideline to sideline lb like td and luke who can chase , blitz, hit and drop into coverage, sure the people can say that willis and bowman will be blitzing cam… but the only person near the dl that can catch cam is aldon smith… willis is sluggish, and bowman is slower then willis, and brooks is average speed… panthers win 17-10

  4. calipantherfan

    oh yea and all pressure on kap that game was with 4 down lineman for most of the game… no need to blitz as often, meaning dl bullrush, td or luke drop into coverage… looks to be a good game

    1. bkrutiy

      I think I am the only non-Carolina fan here. Listen, I have no doubt that it will be a good game, but your Panthers are not not that strong, not that the Niners are…but they are playing at home and still all think Niners will win. Niners are even favored in Vegas by 2pts. Add Carolina’s playoff inexperience and the fact that they are 0-3 after a bye the in your coaches tenure shows me there is an opening here. There are some players that improve when the big game is on the line and Kaepernick has shown that he can shine.Cam still needs to prove it. I would wish your team luck but I want them to lose…BIG! GO NINERS!!!

  5. calipantherfan

    we will not lose big, or lose at all for that matter, our defense has more sacks 60/38.. more ints 20/18 , more defensive tds 4/2.. last week the niners barely survived in gb against a 25th ranked defense.. might as well have been USC out there defending. 49ers win in gb is nothing to gloat about and the writers at espn jumped the gun in saying u guys are the best. turnovers will win this game… simple and plain

    1. Mike Bogaert Post author

      I 100% with that point. Turnovers will win this game. The team that takes best care of the ball will win. Just like last time. The late fumble is what really did SF in in the last meeting (Hunter I believe). Both teams are somewhat turnover prone, and both defenses force them. Here’s to hoping the Panthers are the ones to force em! #GoPanthers #KeepPounding

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